What’s in my bag??

Hey she’s!!!”

I am super duper excited today!!! Going for Eid celebrations at my natives!! Isint that exciting?? I love celebrations, festivities, lightings, dainty delights and desserts and every thing that goes on with it.It is such a fun to travel, after a long long while, and meet the people of your family, far and near!!! I am doing a quick post to show you guys, “whats in my bag”!! Continue reading


Festive Green Smokey Eyes!!!

Hiee friends,

Hope you all are in the best of spirits and are doing great at your end.

I recently did a green smoky eye look, for a friends get together, and it turned out, a real glam!!! I paired it with soft nude lips, so that the depth of the eyes remains the main focus!! I love pairing deep brown eye with green eye shadows as they enhance the richness of the brown, but had never tried the same on me!! I wore a green Continue reading

Haul: Make Up Brushes

Hey she’s !!!!

Things aren’t really on the right track for me yet, and still along with the sufferings of the viral fever, the antibiotics hiccups seems no less. Just to refresh my self from the stress, I am here to show my Haul!!! It’s the first time actually I had an international shopping haul!!! I am quite excited to share this with you!!

Since a very long time I was engrossed in my search for fine quality make up brushes, available in the country. I had researched a lot, checked along various websites, but finally Continue reading

The Body Shop Concelar

Hello She’s!!!!

This will be my first post and I am super excited about it!! Hope you guys enjoy reading this!!!

The body shop concelar

The Body Shop Concelar

Pencil tip, firm and creamy...

Shade 05

A few days back,I was just wandering around the mall with nothing in mind, I love just walking around, looking at and exploring things that pass by. I did a lot of this, in my college days when I had a tiny pocket, and a huge heart to buy everything I liked!!! Today, is years later, to this time.I  had spent hours walking searching something that I didn’t have in mind, and then finally, The Body Shop Concelar caught my eye!!! I had actually stopped at The Body Shop, to pick some lip balms, when the SA showed me this concelar saying it goes perfect with skin tone and that’s how it occurred to me, “let’s try dipping into the pond!!!!” I was reluctant at first to drop this in my shopping bag but It was hours since I hadnt picked anything so I thought why not give it a try!!!

The Body Shop concelar was something that turned out to be, ” can’t be without it”!!! And I love it!!! I always wanted a concelar that wouldn’t make me look, Another me with layers on!!!! This fared far better than the others.This little wonder comes in a pencil packaging, the tip was quite firm and the texture turned out to be beautifully creamy, not greasy. The shades are numbered from 1 to 6( though initially only 4 shades were launched). The ingredients mentioned were marula oil, which has moisturizing properties, bees wax, which mentains the product texture overtime and is a well known skin conditioner and Vitamin E.

I am NC 35-37, with a combination skin (my under eyes are not oily). The thumb rule for buying the concelar shade is a shade next to your foundation.if you have really dark panda eyes u can go two shades forward to your foundation. I have this shade,05, which is perfect perfect match for me. Here are the before and after swatches.imageI don’t have deep dark hollow bags, except for a few exceptional days,I do have them, oweing to stress and sleepless nights. This shade has slight yellow undertones and one or two full swipes of this creamy pencil are good to me.its not at all greasy. I feel the warmth of fingers are perfect to blend this perfectly And…voila!!!it settles in deeply giving a smooth finish and looks like a second skin!!! I have used this many times and trust me I need a very tiny amount, till now I haven’t been on the need to sharpen this. And still I have enough product with me!!! The texture is beautifully creamy but not on the edgy side that it would start melting in my vanity.even at 40 degrees here in Delhi, it’s perfect and sound!! It hides not only my dark circles, but also uneven skin tones around the nose and chin area. I also have slight discoloration on the cheeks, and it fairs well over that too!!! Most of the times I just wear this concelar on the areas that need it ,top it over with a powder and ready to roll!!! All in all, its an HG find for me and my quest for a dream come true concelar ends here!!!

Firm and Creamy Tip

Firm and Creamy Tip

Price: 700 INR for 3.9 grams, bought from The Body Shop, GIP ,Noida.


1.Easy to apply, as its pencil packaging.

2.You can control the amount u need to apply.

3.Easy to blend.

4.Non greasy, perfectly creamy to blend in without effort.

5.Easily  available at Body Shops Retail outlets.


1. The only one I could think of, sharpening could lead to product wastage.

Final Verdict:

The Body Shop concelar is an awesome stand alone on its own , easy  to use , easy to store, blends seamlessly and gives a perfect finish. I believe it’s a must buy if you are lucky enough to have the right shade match!!!

Happy to have this!!