Vichy Bi White Med Deep Whitening Spot Intervention

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I had already posted the Vichy Bi White Med Night cream, and had received a healthy audience!!I had been quite liking this range and had been Continue reading


Vichy Bi-white Med Night Cream.

Vichy Bi-White Med Night.

Vichy Bi-White Med Night Creme.

Product claims : A Whitening Renewing Sleeping Cream. A patent technology with DEEP-CELL WHITENING [CERAMIDE WHITE + LHA]
TOGETHER WITH DRM WHITE + PURIFYING PEONY FOR INTENSE FLAWLESS TRANSPARENCY AND NIGHT REGENERATION.Exclusive highly concentrated renewing night formula combining whitening break through DRM-White associated with deep cell whitening to illuminate skin from inside. Purifying Peony to detoxify skin and free it from any flaws. It contains 5 oils from natural origin to deeply replenish skin.

Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, suitable for sensitive skin, tested under dermatological control on Asian skin, Formulated with Vichy Thermal spa water. Paraben free.

Price: 2100 INR, bought on discount from’

Skin issue: Pigmentation.

Causes: Hormonal imbalances during and post pregnancy, exposure to sun.

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I learnt about pigmentation when I discovered I had been a victim of it.Even in my teenage I had clear, smooth and a glowing skin.I had never ever experienced breakouts or bad skin days of any sorts.It was only after 28, when I had my heart flowing out to the world, welcomed into the zone of motherhood, I had the so called, “onset of pigmented skin!!!” I was never a person ,was who was deeply engrossed in skin care regimes and all that goes around it, but these serious dark patches have now made me one…sigh!!! I have them like a batman mask, it’s on the sides of my forehead, little circling around my cheeks and on the nose. Though I keep on asking my friends, they don’th seem to find it until and unless I specifically point these out on my face, but somehow these are the first to be noticed by me, when I stand out facing the mirror!!! So, this set me on a wide research of things, that could help me minimize these pigmentation patches and so here I am, with “The Vichy Bi White Med Night Creme!!”

The night Creme has Vichy’s DRM white, the patent technology for inhibiting melanin production in the deeper layers of the skin, also inhibiting inflammatory mediators produced as a result of UV exposure, stress and other environmental factors.The Creme is enriched with ceramide, which has deep penetrating properties. Peony flower extract provides the radiance boost and protects the skin from free radical damage. Over with the formulation uses Vichy Thermal Spa water, from the thermal springs of Vichy (France).The night Creme is also enriched with essential oils which render its natural antioxidant and regenerative properties.The “Paraben free” tag, did make me buy this.Parabens are actually preservative agents that are cost effective and most widely used in cosmetic industries. Recently, parabens are found in most of the skin cancers, though researches have not yet proved the role of parabens in being the causative agents or the triggering shooters in cancers.Still being found in cancer biopsies, most of the high end brands have stopped using parabens.I being a scientist, I prefer the same!!!


My skin is a combination type, most of the creams that I apply make me oily and I sweat badly.So choosing a skin cream is a big decision oweing to the skin types and the costs these days.The texture of the cream is thin, gel like, you need a tiny amount of this for the entire face.Just dab it on the areas of the face and all goes deep in with a slight massage of your fingers. It doesnot make me oily and neither does it leave a white ghostly cast on the face (I hate that, please!!!). Since it is a night Creme, I apply this after proper cleansing and toning at the end of the day. I apply a little more over the pigmented areas.I am using this over two months now and I am quite satisfied the way it has improved my skin tone, enhanced the texture and given a healthy glow. It has indeed lightened my pigmentation patches over this time and I can definitely witness evenness. I have used it in conjunction to the Vichy Bi White Deep Whitening Spot Intervention  (which is a targeted spot treatment cream). I feel the better part has been played by the spot intervention, this Creme has indeed acted as a base support skeleton system.

In all, it is indeed a good night cream with effective anti pigmentation properties, but please don’t expect wonders if you are not using a targeted treatment.Also I apply sunscreen as a part of my daily routine (outdoor & indoor, both), else the pigmentation I burn with Vichy, shall regenerate oweing to stress and the golden rays of the sun!!!


The Good:

1. Easily absorbed, doesnot make combination skin oily.

2.A little amount is required, so the tub goes a long way.(using this tub past two months, and still have some formulation left into it.)

3. Effective in targeting dark spots, uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

4.Sturdy packaging, tarvel safe.

The Bad:


2. Need to be applied consistently for over more than 4 weeks to see effective results.

Final Verdict:

A wise buy indeed if you are looking over to bring back the glow of the twenties, rolling off uneven skin tone for a perfect radiance!!


The product was my own purchase and the review is entirely honest based on my personal user based experience.