New in Oriflame, The One Primer !!!

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Primers are the most amazing essentials for your make up. Primers not only prepare your skin for make up but also enhances the stay time of your make up. Now a days primers are coming in, with even more enriched properties, like oil control, illuminating primers and acne controls, and what not!!! I picked up, The One Primer, reading the illuminating tag, it came with. I have a for love Continue reading


Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder

I believe a compact is the first and the foremost essential beauty pick when it come to one’s vanity, Isnt it?? I has always loved Revlon,for the foundations and compacts they offer. It had been quite time when I felt a need of a light weight compact that had fine shine controlling benefits, something that would be in my right hand all the time, when at the store the name caught my eye, “Nearly Naked”!!!! Doesn’t it give you chill at the spine!!! Well it did sound thrilling to me and mysterious at the same time, and the name finally did make me pick this up!!!


1. Evens skin tone

2. Non cakey formula

3. Light weight powder

Price: Got this at 10% discount from New U store, retail price is 725 INR.

Shade: Three shades are launched at the Indian stores, I have shade 030,Medium. This shade has neutral undertones.



Texture and Coverage:

Nearly Naked comes in a Matt white packaging, I like the compact case as it includes a fine mirror. The sponge applicator that’s included is quite soft but so tiny that it would take a thousand time dip and swirl over the compact, to cover my face!!! I better use my Real Techniques Powder Brush for this!!!The texture of the compact is indeed lightweight, the powder is finely milled giving a buttery feel that glides wondrously onto my skin. The shade is the shade #030, Medium, is similar to my skin tone, so it merges with my complexion, giving a mattifying finish, not doing anything to enhance my complexion. The shade #020 light, was ashy over my pigmentation patches, so I picked up #030 medium.

However, when I wear this over foundation, it does a fine job as a setting powder. It keeps the make up intact. Also it’s thin texture doesn’t alter the color of the foundation over you. I will not recommend it for oily skinned compact lovers, as I didn’t find it to have very good shine control. How ever, for my combination skin it does a fine job. ( I am combination to normal skin types).Since it is quite lightweight, it is apt for daily use, which I was looking for. I love it for the fact that it’s nor chalky or powdery and gives a natural finish.

The coverage is deeply sheer, in fact I would say there is no coverage at all…even two three swipes over the face doesn’t show any coverage. I apply it over my sunscreen daily, to keep me fresh and knock down a bit of oil or sebum. It does that for quite an hour or so, after which I may reapply depending on the need.No number of swipes, can cover the blemishes or even out the entire face.

Here I am wearing this over my makeup!!!it does a perfect job as a setting powder!!!



Lightweight, perfect if you are looking for something that’s your to go pick, for the daily needs.


Not cakey


Sheer coverage

Staying power is minimal.

Contains Parabens

Final Verdict:

I would not say, it is a must try, but yes if you are looking for something that’s light weight, adds a thin glow for a while, you can give it a chance!!! It does deliver the trait for its name, by the way,           “Nearly Naked


The product was my own purchase and the review is entirely honest based on my personal user based experience.

Loreal Paris Infallible 24Hr Foundation

Most of us desire the dream looking flawless skin, air brushed looks for parties or night outs, don’t we?? Beauty emerges from within the depths of flawless skin!! A Healthy diet, proper nights rest and a wonderful silky foundation can do the magic!!! I have tried on many foundations since ages, looking and searching out for “the one that’s made for me”, luckily then I put my hands on Loreal Paris infallible 24 hr foundation !!! And so grateful I am, to my self that I did that!!!

Product Claims:

No transfer

No visible imperfections

No visible shine

No dry out

No mask effect

Enriched with hydrating hyaluron along with extreme hold pigments for optimum comfort.(24hr self evaluation on 57 subjects). SPF 18.

Net content: 30ml.

Shade: 140 Golden Beige.


Price: 1325 INR. Bought on sale (15% off) at




Loreal Paris infallible foundation comes in a sturdy glass bottle, with a neat and well functional pump.I love pump bottles for the hygiene they offer and also you can always control the amount you need. The shade, #140 golden beige, has warm yellow undertones and suits me perfectly well ( I am NC 35-37, normal to combination skinned) . The consistency is thick and creamy, but it glides on like silk upon application.I always tend to buy a foundation that is one shade lighter to my natural skin tone, because that tends to settle onto a brighter looking complexion. I never look upon foundation as a means to make me look fairer. I believe, a healthy and brighter looking skin is far better that a snow white, dull and lifeless complexion.

Applying the foundation is easy, thanks to its consistency. I have used real techniques stippling brush for application and also a sponge. I believe the stippling brush did a better job on the even application, but you can even achieve that with a sponge. I personally don’t like sponges for liquid foundation because they eat up too much of the product!!! I needed two small pumps of the liquid formula, dotted it all over the face and evened it out with the stippling brush.i loved loved loved what happened next!!! Just after a few seconds of application it settled as silk over me, giving a flawless airbrushed finished!!! It gave an elegant radiance, an enriched shine from within, my skin looked nourished and rich!!!

Here I am wearing Loreal Infallible 24hr stay Foundation.



It offers medium coverage, though you can always step on to the next layer. I have tried on the second layer too, just for the review, but it didn’t make me look cakey. I believe the covering part, on the problematic area, should be left on to the concelar. Settled with the powder, it works as a no-shine formula.I have not tested the 24 hr claim of this foundation but I have worn this from morning to evening, for almost 8 hours and yet no shine!!! Wearing it on an irritatingly humid day may bring out some fall out, but not otherwise. Oily skinned beauties shall defiantly need a good oil control primer underneath.It also does not give a whitish cast in pictures, even though it offer sun protection (SPF 18).


The Infallible 24hr foundation is enriched with hyaluron.Hyaluron, is a major component of the skin, where is offers elasticity, plays a role in tissue repair. Hyaluron has also been found to repair the damage caused to the skin by harmful UV-B Rays of the sun (Sun burns), upto some extent. It also works as a free radical scavenger, thus promoting antioxidant defense to the skin!!!

The Good:

1. Creamy texture glides on beautifully and settles naturally.

2. No whitish cast.

3. Has SPF 18.

4. Did not irritate the skin or cause breakouts of any sorts.

5. Good staying power.

6. Enriched with hyaluron, enlocked with skin benefits.

The Bad:

1. Price may be an issue.

2. Contains Parabens.

Final Verdict:

I love this foundation for the rich radiance and the beautiful sliky feel it delivers to the skin!!!! Defiantely worth trying!! I believe many will find their match!!!


The product was my own purchase and the review is entirely honest based on my personal user based experience.

The Body Shop Concelar

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This will be my first post and I am super excited about it!! Hope you guys enjoy reading this!!!

The body shop concelar

The Body Shop Concelar

Pencil tip, firm and creamy...

Shade 05

A few days back,I was just wandering around the mall with nothing in mind, I love just walking around, looking at and exploring things that pass by. I did a lot of this, in my college days when I had a tiny pocket, and a huge heart to buy everything I liked!!! Today, is years later, to this time.I  had spent hours walking searching something that I didn’t have in mind, and then finally, The Body Shop Concelar caught my eye!!! I had actually stopped at The Body Shop, to pick some lip balms, when the SA showed me this concelar saying it goes perfect with skin tone and that’s how it occurred to me, “let’s try dipping into the pond!!!!” I was reluctant at first to drop this in my shopping bag but It was hours since I hadnt picked anything so I thought why not give it a try!!!

The Body Shop concelar was something that turned out to be, ” can’t be without it”!!! And I love it!!! I always wanted a concelar that wouldn’t make me look, Another me with layers on!!!! This fared far better than the others.This little wonder comes in a pencil packaging, the tip was quite firm and the texture turned out to be beautifully creamy, not greasy. The shades are numbered from 1 to 6( though initially only 4 shades were launched). The ingredients mentioned were marula oil, which has moisturizing properties, bees wax, which mentains the product texture overtime and is a well known skin conditioner and Vitamin E.

I am NC 35-37, with a combination skin (my under eyes are not oily). The thumb rule for buying the concelar shade is a shade next to your foundation.if you have really dark panda eyes u can go two shades forward to your foundation. I have this shade,05, which is perfect perfect match for me. Here are the before and after swatches.imageI don’t have deep dark hollow bags, except for a few exceptional days,I do have them, oweing to stress and sleepless nights. This shade has slight yellow undertones and one or two full swipes of this creamy pencil are good to me.its not at all greasy. I feel the warmth of fingers are perfect to blend this perfectly And…voila!!!it settles in deeply giving a smooth finish and looks like a second skin!!! I have used this many times and trust me I need a very tiny amount, till now I haven’t been on the need to sharpen this. And still I have enough product with me!!! The texture is beautifully creamy but not on the edgy side that it would start melting in my vanity.even at 40 degrees here in Delhi, it’s perfect and sound!! It hides not only my dark circles, but also uneven skin tones around the nose and chin area. I also have slight discoloration on the cheeks, and it fairs well over that too!!! Most of the times I just wear this concelar on the areas that need it ,top it over with a powder and ready to roll!!! All in all, its an HG find for me and my quest for a dream come true concelar ends here!!!

Firm and Creamy Tip

Firm and Creamy Tip

Price: 700 INR for 3.9 grams, bought from The Body Shop, GIP ,Noida.


1.Easy to apply, as its pencil packaging.

2.You can control the amount u need to apply.

3.Easy to blend.

4.Non greasy, perfectly creamy to blend in without effort.

5.Easily  available at Body Shops Retail outlets.


1. The only one I could think of, sharpening could lead to product wastage.

Final Verdict:

The Body Shop concelar is an awesome stand alone on its own , easy  to use , easy to store, blends seamlessly and gives a perfect finish. I believe it’s a must buy if you are lucky enough to have the right shade match!!!

Happy to have this!!