What’s in my bag??

Hey she’s!!!”

I am super duper excited today!!! Going for Eid celebrations at my natives!! Isint that exciting?? I love celebrations, festivities, lightings, dainty delights and desserts and every thing that goes on with it.It is such a fun to travel, after a long long while, and meet the people of your family, far and near!!! I am doing a quick post to show you guys, “whats in my bag”!!I love packing  things in, and when it is to pack for my occasions like Eid, the fun doubles!! In is the dress i am going wear that day, my hijaab, sandals and every thing else i shall be needing a shorthand.

This is a 4 day trip, so i am knocking down all the essentials, that are my favorites. Since my dress is more of blues and greens, so you will be seeing in more of pink makeup:

My Travel Bag

My Travel Bag


Cosmetic Pouch from REVLON

Eyes & Face

Eyes & Face

All Lips!!

All Lips!!

Lipstiks Up Close

Lipsticks Up Close

Eye Basics

Eye Basics

These are all the essentials i love being with!!! I shall be soon doing a post on Eid and Eid looks, hope to be with you all soon again!!

Have a thrilled weekend!!


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