5 Things To Put Into Daily Skin Care Regime!!!

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Practicing a skin care routine is one of the best and easiest goodness you can do to your skin!!! Most of us indulge into routines and quickly, unknowingly come out of it. What I am going to talk about is nothing new, and you guys must have tonnes of information about it,  but following a proper skin care regime, at rhythmic intervals does keep you refreshed, glowing and energized through the day!!!



It’s best to use a mild soap free cleanser to start the day off!! Using a foaming cleanser that suits your skin, can do warm wonders to your skin. Oily skinned beauties should go on with cleanser containing Alpha hydroxy chemicals, that have the ability to break of sebum  and clean clogged pores. Creamy cleansers works best for dry or combination people, dabbing onto your cotton sponge/pad, removing the traces of left over oils and traces of makeup from the skin. Cleansers cleanses the skin making it free of impurities rendering it, it’s natural pureness in every way!! It is considered most effective to exfoliate at least once a week, to remove away all the dead skin that accumulated over time.

2. Toning


Toning is essential to balance out the richness of the skin and it is a must for all sorts of skin types. Toners are effective in removing any last bits of impurities or makeup, clean away the extra oil, shrinks the pores of your skin returning back the lost minerals.

3. Moisturize


Moisturizers return youth to the skin, rendering them the glow and plump of the healthy looking skin. Moisturizers should be chosen with care owing to the skin type. These days moistuizers come along with targeted treatments, like pimple, acne prone skin, hyper pigmentation, dullness. Targeted Moisturizers should also be extended into your night care regime, where in they act to give a nourished looking “you”, working effectively during the 7 hours of sleep.

4. Sunscreen

Never walkout with out a properly done sunscreen, that suits your skin type the best. Harmful pollutants, and penetrating UV rays if the sun, cause deep rooted damage to skin!! Most of the times the effects done are irreversible!! Wear a sunscreen 20 minutes before you walk out in the sun and choose a SPF 15 or greater.

5. Water and Antioxidants


Drink water and eat healthy. At least 12 glasses of water is a minimal must, for 24 hour clock routine. It is the best to start the day with a glass of water, that would rehydrate the 8 hour dehydration during night sleep and flush out all the toxins away. Antioxidants fight the signs of aging, enhancing the cell renewal system and counteract free radicals.The most common antioxidants, are Vitamin C and Vitamin E, that are incorporated into many skin care products. Fruits and nuts, when included in the diet take care, of the antioxidants well in the system.

A routine as this, shall give long lasting results, nourishing the skin from within, giving it a healthy boost, resulting into a forever healthy glow!!!

Stay Blessed!!!!


8 thoughts on “5 Things To Put Into Daily Skin Care Regime!!!

  1. Lana@crazybeautyland.blospot.com says:

    Nice tips…cleansing, moisturizing & sunscreen are must for me. I’m unfortunately infrequent in toning 😦 I drink 1.5L everyday but I think that’s less


    • Hi Lana!! I do CTM regularly.I love doing it!! the area near my home is slightly polluted so never forget CTM.and trust me enhances your complexion like anything, keeping the skin clean at the samw time!!1.5 litres is adequate…you can increase the same by taking liquids/fluids like juices,soups etc.ake sure you count fruits and nuts coz that’s the richest source of antioxidants!!!


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