Oriflame Pure Skin Blackhead Clearing Mask

Hey she’s!!!

I have not been a very carefree person, when it comes to face masks and packs!! I have tried out many face packs in the past, but not quite all have gone well with me. Earlier I was into only home made packs, but not every time, you are blessed with the whole clock running yourself alone, so I believe it is a must to blessed with ready made mask and packs in your stash!!

Price: 399 INR.


Oriflame Pure Skin Face Mask, is targeted for oily skinned beauties who are prone to blackheads.I have a combination skin, which tends to be oily in summers and humid seasons of Delhi. After much of a research, I came to conclusion that there is no best remedy for blackheads, untill you can yourself try to keep the oils and sebum at bay!! This made me more regular, heading towards scrubs and packs. And thumbs up to Pure Skin!!!

This comes in a tube packaging, which is quite user friendly. It has a fine opening at the mouth of the tube and this helps to control the amount you require. The best part of the packaging is that it doesn’t allow the content to dry up, even if not used for months!!! It contains the goodness of salicyclic acid, which has anti microbial properties and is also effective in tightening pores, thus minimizing black head eruption.

The texture is the BEST, THE BEST!!! Trust me!! It has a toothpaste like consistancy, white in color, gives a chill cooling sensation when applied!! I love the cool feel, the make, provides when you apply on to your skin!! It dries up well, in a few minutes and delivers a clean, super duper oil free face after the wash. The next BEST thing, I like in this one is, that the pack doesn’t dry up in the tube, if you haven’t used this for quite along time.




Final Verdict:

As far as Blackheads are concerned, I feel it’s a Control Option, not a Cure Factor. I have applied this regularly every week, for a month, I did see less blackheads, but the moment I became irregular, the population returned!!! However, it seamlessly finished the sebum off my skin, did tighten the pores and provided a cleaner looking face, along with a cool tingling!!


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