New in Oriflame, The One Primer !!!

Hey guys!!!

Primers are the most amazing essentials for your make up. Primers not only prepare your skin for make up but also enhances the stay time of your make up. Now a days primers are coming in, with even more enriched properties, like oil control, illuminating primers and acne controls, and what not!!! I picked up, The One Primer, reading the illuminating tag, it came with. I have a for love illuminating products and highlighters!!!



This is the illuskin primer, as you can see the name goes!!! It comes in tube with beautiful white and violet contrast packaging!! The consistency is thin but not runny and the color is white.

Hand swatch, The One Primer

Hand swatch, Oriflame, The One Primer

To begin with I am, a combination skin tone, being a bit more towards the oily side, in summers. This primer does the job of prepping and priming the skin, appreciably before you lay your hands on foundation. It gives a silky texture to the skin and the foundation glides over beautifully. I love how it softens the skin to rich feel. It did not show any oil controlling properties over me, nah not even a bit!!! As far as the word,” Illuskin “, comes with it, It does have some small illuminating granules in the formula, but I didn’t find it illuminates my complexion to the extent a proper highlighter would rather!! It does illuminate but the extent doesn’t make a big real “wow” difference over you!!! If we talk about the staying power, it does enhances the stay of the foundation, lingering it evenly on the skin for a longer time.

Price: 549 INR, for a 30 ml tube.

Availability: Only through Oriflame representatives.

Final Verdict:

I use this is a base to my foundation, as I like the softness and smoothness it provides, but if you are looking for oil control, or a perfect illuminating stuff, this is not you cup of tea.


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