The Body Shop Honeymania Handcream

Hey she’s !!!!

The Body Shop, or as is known as TBS,by unumerable bloggers, makes some real amazing products, and my love for it seems to be growing richer day by day!! Having a deep likening for the honey enriched products, I thought to try this, Honeymania Hand cream. I am a person who needs a good hand cream, at least twice a day. I can’t stand those dry fingers and palms that keep clashing against each other!!! Irritates me!!! I always keep one in my bag, in case I may need it, at any corner of the globe!! I bought this as a part of my recent body shop haul, which I will posting in a day or two!!!



The tiny cream is enclosed in tube like packaging, with a small traditional borolene capping!! (it does remind me of, khushbudaar antiseptic cream, Borolene!!). The packaging is travel friendly and you can anytime slip it into your to go carry bag!!!

It has an amazing fragrance, I really like it, but some people may find it towards the stronger end!!! Though the smell fades away just in minutes, after application.

The consistency is thin gel like, it’s non greasy and fast absorbing. On the hydrating front, it does hydrate and gives an enriched softness. Though the hydration and softness it renders, is quite sheer and you need to re apply this again after intervals. My hands are not amongst the driest ones in the current season, so It fares well for quite 2-3 hours. Since the consistency is thin, gel like, I would not recommend it for people with super dry palms, they will need something thicker that stays on for a longer while.



350 INR for 30ml. Available at TBS website and in TBS stores.

Final verdict

I like it, it is my ready to, grab in hand cream!! The price range is affordable,so if you are in love with TBS like me, you can surely this tiny tingling a try!!


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