Haul: Make Up Brushes

Hey she’s !!!!

Things aren’t really on the right track for me yet, and still along with the sufferings of the viral fever, the antibiotics hiccups seems no less. Just to refresh my self from the stress, I am here to show my Haul!!! It’s the first time actually I had an international shopping haul!!! I am quite excited to share this with you!!

Since a very long time I was engrossed in my search for fine quality make up brushes, available in the country. I had researched a lot, checked along various websites, but finally concluded that there are NO brands in India, that would sell fine quality make up brushes in the elegantly affordable price range.One could see MAC, or Body Shop or Inglot of course, but it seems you need stuffed pocket to purchase all sorts of eye make up, base make up brushes for yourself in one go!!!

Apart from these,considering the international market, bloggers had raved about the Real Techniques brushes and the coastal scents too. These two were beautifully pictured in my mind to try out!!! This is however my second order of the real techniques brushes, as I had already had them, and I loved them desperately , so I thought of an extra pack in stash!!! Here’s what all I ordered:

Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents

1. Classic Kabuki Synthetic : A soft, super soft kabuki for powder/mineral foundations.

2. Bionic Flat Top Buffer: A brilliant buffer brush for powders or powder foundations.



I had ordered the Classic range from Coastel Scents (synthetic bristles), which is economically priced and turned out a good doer at its task.

From the left to right:

  1. Classic Pointed Precision synthetic : It was actually meant for eye shadows, but it quite a huge brush for small eyes like mine, so I’ll probably be using it as a concelar wand!! The brush is soft and neither a good textured bristles.
  2. Classic Shadow Dome synthetic: Perfect for applying the second color over the crease for a smoky eye look.
  3. Classic Blender Crease Synthetic: Nice blender, small brush, does a fine job.
  4. Classic Shadow Small Synthetic: A small brush, to pat apply the highlighting color in the inner corners of the eye.
  5. Classic Concelar Large Synthetic: A very good concelar brush.
  6. Pro Blending Fluff: The best of all, highly recommend it, quite a nice dupe of Mac 217 blending brush, good quality, soft bristles.love this one for the wonders it does!!
Classic kabuki synthetic

Classic kabuki synthetic

The Real Techniques Brushes:


The Real Techniques “Core Collection”


The Real Techniques “Starter Set”

Needless, to say, these brushes are highly raved about by almost all bloggers and you tubers,and they are worth the hype!!! Loved and enjoyed all the RT brushes, and they are must have for all the beginners!! This is my second RT set. Real Techniques and Coastel Scents, both ship to India, though I had got mine from a friend, from U.S. ( saved some good shipping charges).

Apart from these, I also own the RT Stippling Brush and the Expert Face Brush, and they are excellent too( don’t have pictures at the moment).

Final Verdict:

Make up is art, and no art is perfect with the so made perfect tools, loved all the brushes.I am quite fond of eye make up, so have more them in the junk!!You actually enjoy and work as a Pro, with these perfect tools in hand!!! Indeed are must haves in every ones stash!!!


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